- Your purchased items are automatically processed at time of purchase. 

- Orders will be shipped two days to a week after the order(s) has been placed. 

- Items typically arrive to you within 1-2 weeks after original purchase. Shipment information, including tracking, will be sent you via email.

- Shipment arrival is wholly dependent on the mail service and can vary with weather inclinations and the mail service itself. I do not control order delivery past shipping it out to you. Any inquries regarding your status of package, refer to mail delivery service.


- All orders have a 30 day return policy for any notable damage to your merchandise. 

- Most returns for products i.e. keychains, prints, do not require you to ship out the damaged product.  Just dispose of the product or keep it.

- Email me at [email protected] with the subject name: Order Return [product name(s)]

- Take photographs of your damaged product and explanations of what occurred. Any email failing to specify damages will not be inclined for a refund or exchange. 

-For refunds, you are entitled to the cost of the item plus taxes excluding shipping fees.


- All products that qualify for exchange need to be the exactly the same product and the same value

- You may not exchange products for different product; unless, you have been told the present product is not available

-If item you want exchanged is not available and you reject exchange for a different product, you will be refunded 100% of the items value.

- Most exchanges for products i.e. keychains, prints, do not require you to ship out the damaged product. Just dispose of the product or keep it.


All preordered items will have the (PREORDER) indicator attached after the product name. 

All preorders will have a time in which the item is available. Most items that are available for preorder will get produced eventually; even if the preorder threshold is not met. i.e. Preorder for out of stock items, preorder for merchandise in later store updates.

If you preordered an item that its threshold for production hasn't been met by the time the preorder becomes unavailable, you will either be issued a refund or I will honor your purchase and ship out the preordered item to the available address given. An email will be sent to you regarding your preorder. 

Your preordered items will be shipped once the product has arrived to me physically.


This website + merchandise from Regalie only takes US based orders. Hence shipping is at a standard rate here. If you are international purchaser, make your purchase at either of the two locations listed below:

Etsy- https://regrah.etsy.com 

Kofi- https://ko-fi.com/regrah/shop 

For in-person events, preorders or pickup is handled here or affiliated  Square POS links.

Any questions regarding your order, please send the inquiry to [email protected]