Hello, my name is Lexi. I am the artist Regrah (reh-gr-rah) and welcome to my online store. Most of the products you will find here are fan creations or original works under Regalie.

I started embarking this creative journey in 2011, developing a diverse array of digital artworks and illustrations. Many of my works primarily focus on encompassing warm hues and vibrant colors. All the while, my works are heavily inspired by Japanese Art, Manga and Pop Culture.

My portfolio has had the graced various zine projects and conventions. Notably, in 2020, I was granted an opportunity to become an ambassador for Instagram.

My artistic endeavors have also extended beyond the digital realm. I graduated Towson University with a Bsc. in Computer Science, part of my time is spent programming. 

I also encompass a delightful assortment of physical products like keychains and stickers, working establishing my presence in artist alleys and conventions across the US and particulary the DMV area.


Regalie is a subsidiary storefront made by Regrah for artist alley and craft shows. 

This store will hold a collection of original items based around the story of my original characters; Oma, Nair and Haruri, working together to establish a successful ramen cafe. 

All works on this online storefront and under Regalie will be labelled under original merchanise. 

More on the story is coming soon...